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Buy it where you burn it

Be aware that firewood can harbor insects and diseases that threaten California's valuable forest resources. Transporting firewood can move these pests to new locations.


  • Leave firewood at home - do not transport it to campgrounds or parks
  • Use firewood from local sources - that means the wood was cut within 50 miles of where you'll have your fire
  • Bring only what you'll need, and burn responsibly
  • What is the problem with moving firewood? Questions and Answers

Protect Trees - Don't Move Firewood

  1. Buy firewood where you'll burn it.
  2. Buy only what you'll need and burn responsibly.
  3. Tell your friends not to move firewood.
When you move firewood, you can accidentally move insects and diseases that kill trees.

Many communities around the USA and Canada have seen this happen in their own backyards - what starts as a few dead trees can quickly turn into a whole neighborhood or forest riddled with dying trees.

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California Firewood Task Force

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California's trees are at risk from insects and diseases that can move on firewood. In San Diego County alone, tens of thousands of oak trees have been killed due to the Goldspotted Oak Borer, an insect researchers believe was initially brought to California on infested firewood. Other dangerous tree pests, such as the Emerald Ash Borer, have been found on firewood at California's borders.

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arrow Firewood Movement - A Threat to California's Forests? (PDF)
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arrow Reducing Ecological Risks Associated with Pests in Firewood: Guidance for Park Managers - National Park Service (PDF)

The problem with moving firewood

Buy It Where You Burn It

Why is moving firewood such a bad idea? Tree-killing insects and diseases can lurk in firewood. These insects and diseases can't move far on their own, but when people move firewood they can jump hundreds of miles. New infestations destroy our forests, property values, and cost huge sums of money to control.

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About Us

California Forest Pest Council

In November 2010, the California Forest Pest Council approved a Resolution to create a California Firewood Task Force. States across the country have taken similar steps to limit the movement of firewood in an effort to slow the spread of tree pests, and a new National Firewood Task Force has formed to address risks associated with firewood movement.

Stop Invasive Species

Emerald Ash Borer

Specific pests that may be transported via firewood in California:

Moving firewood can bring invasive pests to the campsites you love.

News Release:
Protect California’s Forests and Trees by Not Moving Firewood

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Sacramento - Memorial Day weekend marks the traditional kick off for California’s camping season. This year you can commit to helping protect California’s trees as you vacation from place to place by buying and burning wood for campfires from local sources and leaving any unused wood behind for the next person to enjoy.

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